Time to stop wallowing and be creative.

Things are different to what I had originally planned for this year here at Ymlacio Life HQ, literally one wrong move just after New Year changed everything.  I was really enjoying the HND course in advanced therapies and management that I had enrolled on last September, met some lovely people and was having great fun.  I had many plans for developing Ymlacio Life and dreams of where I wanted to be in the future but who would think putting away the Christmas decorations could cause someone’s life to change?  

Things hadn’t been right since the rain started back in October but as I was enjoying the challenges and research my course was bringing, I ignored the warning signs.  The tiredness and pain were becoming a daily thing, I just dosed myself up with painkillers and took many an Epsom salt bath with healing essential oils and carried on.  My body had, had enough, cleaning the house after putting away the Christmas decorations was one thing too much much for it.  As I went to get up after cleaning under a table, the base of my back made an almighty crunching noise which was immediately followed by excruciating pain shooting up my spine and down my legs.  That was it, that was the moment everything changed.  My ankylosing spondylitis had flared.

I spent the next couple of week battling fatigue and pain whilst waiting for the long term pain medication to kick in.  I also had to make the difficult decision to withdraw from the college course I was loving so much.  It wasn’t realistic to think I could return as I was still finding walking and driving difficult and there was no way I could take part in the practical side of the course and I didn’t know when I would be returning.  I was devastated as the course was fundamental in where I saw my life going, in my hopes and dreams for Ymlacio Life.  After making that decision, my motivation for anything disappeared, I felt useless, worthless and frustrated wondering why this illness that I had lived with and controlled for 12 years decided now was the time to flare and destroy my dreams.

Thank goodness for amazing friends who came to visit and phoned frequently to offer their support and guidance.  The ones who listened to me as I moaned about everything even though they had their own troubles.  Without them I wouldn’t be writing this now, without them I would have given Ymlacio Life up as I felt there was no point.  They reminded me that things happen for reasons, and even when the path you are on suddenly changes doesn’t necessarily means it’s the end but the start of a new adventure that should be embraced.  They reminded me about who I was and how much I love being a therapist and all the opportunities that I have.

So here it is, my first blog and my first creation, chocolate and orange brownies.  I have promised myself that during my healing from my flare as I am unable to treat clients for the moment that I will spend my time instead of wallowing, creating.  Creating things to be enjoyed by my family (the brownies haven’t lasted long, so I think they were enjoyed), creating things to be enjoyed by others (I will be launching an Ymlacio Life Etsy shop soon with my hand made aromatherapy inspired items).

I dedicate this first blog to my friends may we continue to support, guide and be there for each other over the coming days, months and years.  Thank you xx