Arianrhod Blend – Pulse Point Roller Ball (9ml)


Pure Essential Oils in a Base Oil of Fractionated Coconut oil and Apricot Kernel Oil

Aroma: Lemony, Woody with a hint of Vanilla

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Arianrhod Goddess Essential Oil Blend ‘Ready To Roll’ (9ml)

Aroma: Lemony, Woody with a hint of Vanilla

Arianrhod (ah-ree-AHN-rhohd) is the Celtic Moon-Mother and Welsh Star Goddess. She brings comfort, solace and healing. She symbolizes renewal, reincarnation, past lives and wisdom.

Our Arianrhod blend contains a subtle blend of oils, that can help to cut ties to your emotional past and to help you use your wisdom through times of change. A gentle oil to nurture you if your self-confidence is low.

This subtle blend contains the pure essential oils:

Benzoin Resinoid

In a base of fractionated coconut oil and Apricot Kernel Oil.

How to use a roller ball: Roll the blend directly on your pulse points (for example, your wrists), inhale and enjoy the properties of the essential oil blend.

Natural Product
Vegan Friendly
Cruelty Free

Please note:

This blend is not suitable if you are pregnant.

Avoid contact with the eyes. Not for internal use. Keep out of the reach of children and pets

Store in a cool dark place

As this is an aromatherapy product and not a skin care product, in accordance to the Aromatherapy Council and as Helen is a fully qualified, insured aromatherapist and a member of The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapist, this product is not required to be tested. If you have any questions in regards to the suitability of this product for yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch.