Online Mini Retreat to Manage Stress & Disabling Anxiety with Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Massage and Yoga

An ONLINE Staycation Mini Retreat Sunday 28th February  2021~ £35

includes practice notes & a 5ml blend of essential oils tailored to you (essential oil blend only available for UK residents due to postage costs, if you are joining from overseas and would like a personal blend please message [email protected] for more details).

Managing stress & disabling anxiety with hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, acupressure and the practices of Yoga

We are throwing everything at you, so that you have a bag full of useful and proven practices to help you manage stress and overcome anxiety.

3 qualified & experienced professionals will be sharing this day with you, Eira Thomas professional Hypnotherapist, Helen Cresswell of Ymlacio Life Aromatherapy & Massage Therapist and Lisa White Yoga Teacher.

This is an ONLINE mini retreat to enjoy in the safety of your own home to break the monotony of lockdown the feelings and emotions you may be experiencing, whether they have been a long term pattern or a result of continued lockdown.

There will be 3 sessions, each 90 minutes long with a break in between each for a cuppa and lunch.

9.30am ~ Eira Thomas Hypnotherapist will take you through a relaxing and empowering hypnosis. She will also talk about ways to manage your emotions using the fundamentals of human psychology, providing you with strategies you can use yourself

11am ~ 11.15am Water out and water in tea break

11.15am ~ Helen Cresswell of will share with you the essential oils which could help you reduce anxiety & stress, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility in your life during this period of uncertainty. Along with learning about the properties of the oils and ways to use them, she will also give a demonstration of a quick, easy, acupressure massage which you can carry out on yourself, as and when you need, because right now self-care and looking after ourselves is so important. On booking you will be sent a consultation form so that Helen can create your Aromatherapy Blend which will be sent to you, you will also receive an email with a copy of the session for you to use at home.

12.45pm ~ 1.30pm A 45 minute Light lunch

1.30pm Bring your tea for this first part as Lisa will take you through some breathing practices & simple mediations, following with ways to strengthen your vagus nerve tone to take you out of fight, flight, freeze, and into rest and digest. Learn how to open and release deep tension physically, go to practices for calm and quiet, fun sound work to uplift and a deliciously long guided relaxation ~ yoga nidra. (there will be a water out break before the final relaxation.)

3pm finish

To book call 07595894666 or email [email protected]