In Search of Tranquillity

Anxiety is something I have lived with and have been managing well for the last 5 years but this pandemic has certainly had me battling my fears, triggers and emotions again.  The sad part is, I know I am not alone in how I feel at this current time, as many people seem to be suffering with mental health issues as the weeks of uncertainty progress.

About a month ago I released a very personal aromatherapy blend called ‘The Oil of Tranquillity’.  It is the blend of essential oils that I use to help me with my own anxiety and stresses and wanted to share with others one of the ways I use essential oils in my everyday life.

One of my friends (LuLu) was amazed of just how effective the blend is, having seen it for themselves first hand.  One moment I was close to a jabbering mess and the next as sense of serenity had come over me.

I headed out on one of my first outings, as lockdown was being lifted to meet LuLu (owner of Yoga Place Abertawe and where I rent a room for my aromatherapy practice) to get ready for reopening of studio.  As I traveled to the studio, those unwanted familiar sensations such as dull ache in the pit of my stomach, dry mouth, fidgeting, along with the feelings of doom, started to manifest.  It took me by surprise as Yoga Place is my sanctuary, my place of peace, my place of calm.  This is the problem with generalised anxiety disorder, you just don’t know what the trigger will be.  My trigger this day was the car journey, the uncertainty of the future and the many questions I couldn’t answer about living life with Covid 19.

As soon as I reached the studio, out came my essential oils, after inhaling the calming. soothing aromas, I found my tranquillity and those unwanted, unpleasant feelings had eased much to LuLu’s amazement. 

This is a great demonstration of how aromatherapy works.

Our sense of smell is the most acute of all our senses, as once aromas are detected they travel faster to our brain than the speed of light or sound.  Aromas can trigger both emotional and physical responses as the sense of smell is linked to the oldest and deepest part of our brain.  When asking my clients to smell the blend I have created for them, they often say ‘this reminds me of my favourite place’, ‘my grandmother’ or memories from their childhood.  In my case my brain remembered that the aromas from the blend of essential oils in ‘The Oil of Tranquillity’ made me feel calm and safe and that’s why I had the instant response.

So, what is in our ‘The Oil of Tranquillity’ blend that makes it so special?

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides).  An essential oil not widely used in aromatherapy as it’s mainly used in perfumery as a fixative, but I have to say one of my favourites.  The oil is extracted from the roots of a tall grass native to India where is has long been valued for its aromatic properties.  In Sri Lanka it is known as ‘The Oil of Tranquility’.  The rootlets are steam distilled to produce a brown/amber, viscous oil with a deep smokey earthy base note.

Vetiver is known for its grounding (associated with the root chakra) and calming properties.  It is very beneficial for anyone experiencing anxiety, stress or insomnia and those who are suffering from physical, emotional and mental burnout. 

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), Another of my favourite essential oils, bergamot reminds me of my childhood and making Earl Grey tea for my father.  I would often smell the tea bag before placing it in the cup, taking deep breaths inhaling delicate, light aroma which is a mix between orange and lemon but has a slight floral undertone.  Looking back, I am sure this is where my love aromatherapy started, not at the age of 10ish did I really know what aromatherapy was about.  Unlike my daughter who, at the same age is now used to all the various oils, blends and aromas that circulate our house on a regular basis.  

This green oil is extracted from the peel of the bergamot fruit by the cold press process.   The green colour of the oil is associated with the heart chakra and especially beneficial for when it is affected by grief.

Bergamot tress are grown in Italy and Sicily and a few other countries (including Wales, as I am lucky enough to have been gifted a tree by my children a few Mother’s days ago).

As Bergamot is reputed to have a sedative but uplifting quality which is excellent for the mind during periods of anxiety and depression, along with the refreshing nature of the oil that is said help calm anger and frustration by decreasing the action of the sympathetic nervous system, made it perfect choice for ‘The Oil of Tranquillity’ blend to compliment the earthy aroma of the vetiver.

Neroli (Citrus aurantium).  In synergetic blending there is always an essential oil with a middle note to compliment the top and base notes.  Neroli happens to be that middle note, more by chance than a conscious decision as I am more of an intuitive blender rather than a ‘traditional blender’.  I chose Neroli for this blend as it is regarded in aromatherapy as one of the most effective sedative antidepressant remedies.  Fischer-Rizzi says that it provides relief and strength for long standing psychological tension, exhaustion and seemingly hopeless situations.  This description to me sadly, perfectly describes the current situation that we are in regarding the Covid 19 pandemic.

This beautiful floral scented, brownish-yellow oil is extracted from the flowers of the orange tree.  The extraction method is by enfleurage, which makes it an expensive oil as the process is time consuming with little amounts of oil collected.  If you see a bottle of Neroli essential oil for £1.99, avoid, it is likely to be a synthetic substitute, which has no place in aromatherapy.

As our Oil of Tranquillity contains both vetiver and neroli it is also an amazing oil for perimenopausal/menopausal women and those who suffer from PMS as both oils are said to help regulate oestrogen and progesterone secretions and are great for easing the anxiety, feelings of unworthiness and the weepiness that often arise from progesterone deficiency.

Overall ‘The Oil of Tranquillity’ is a carefully blended aromatherapy oil that can help stabilise the mind, body and soul during times of anxiety and uncertainty, providing you with a relaxing but uplifting sense of peace, calm and can help you in your search for tranquillity.


The Oil of Tranquillity blend, it is available in our shop.

Or you would like more information about aromatherapy and how it could help you, just drop me a message.

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